Great things:

This is what we have to offer

We realize how much it costs to hire a professional orchestra. In order to make our offer more attractive in the last couple of years we started to cooperate with many companies, corporations, artists and bands to make it possible for us to lower the costs of hiring an orchestra, musicians, a studio or the composer’s and arranger’s services without lowering the quality of the service.

We offer:

- hiring Sinfonietta Consonus orchestra, ensembles, soloists for concerts and recording sessions
- recording music for popular music albums, films, advertisements, radio jingles
- custom made composing and arranging
- professional video recording, creating trailers, realization of promotional materials, recording videoclips



- we offer a professional coordination and project management
- we cooperate with professional conductors, sound engineers, sound and lighting crews
- we cooperate with recording studios with which we are on friendly terms and that is why they charge us less for the time spent in the studio
- our video crew is able to record every musical event and rehearsals. We cooperate with professional directors, camera operators and sound engineers. The orchestra has got 5 cameras, we may also hire some equipment from other companies if necessary.